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Federal Strategies has been awarded a GSA Contract under the new GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS).
As a veteran GSA contract holder, we bring extensive field and technical knowledge to the table, with hands-on experience in a diverse range of Products & Training in First Response areas.

We have achieved excellent results in the areas of training military and civil responders alike because we focus on standardized learning objectives, training standards, meeting national training requirements, and instructor competency. Our key to success is mastery of the process, regardless of equipment type. We work closely with clients to plan and implement training along with contractor logistic support programs. We established and implemented CONUS and OCONUS training efforts for USMC and U.S.

– First Responder Tactical Training for the Veterans Administration (VA)

Federal Strategies is ready to assist with training classes in a variety of subjects to include Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), Paramedic, CPR Training, and Krav Maga Training Level I/II.


Federal Strategies has been the product solution for many New Equipment Packages for both government agencies, city planners and fire services around the world. We provide the industry leading flash fire chemical protective suits and offer the latest technology in Decision Support Software for Emergency Management professionals/planners.

Products we provide include:

Kappler, Chemical/Hazmat Protective Gear:

It’s knowing it’s the right suit, made from the right fabric with the right seam, and the right test data that confirms it all. Kappler has defined an entire industry with patented fabrics, innovative seaming technology and unique garment designs. For more that forty years, Kappler has built a reputation for quality, innovation, and straightforward advice on what protective clothing to wear. Kappler is the only USA made Chemical/Hazmat suit that meets the chemical protection standards:  NFPA 1991 2016 edition.

PEACE Aristatek, Decision Support Software for Hazmat & CBRNE Professionals:

Aristatek provides Worst Case Analysis Service for Fixed Facilities. There industry leading sophisticated analysis links chemical inventories to proprietary databases and performs multiple unique hazard modeling runs for every chemical at a facility. The final results provide a ‘worst-case’ scenario impact zone for the facility based on chemical inventory, quantities stored, and predominant weather patterns at the facility.



Our customers know they can depend on us for valuable support and assistance, no matter the
challenge. Federal Strategies is well equipped to offer support and solutions in the following areas


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