Studies & Analysis

USMC – Range and Training Programs Division (RTPD)
DHS – Customs Border & Patrol (CBP)


Combat readiness is of the utmost importance to DoD. To achieve superior levels of operational readiness, all training resources/ranges must be maintained at the highest level. With new munitions  bring new concepts and capabilities to the battlefield, while at the same time, presenting new challenges and concerns to the training arena because autonomy in targeting systems, especially in targeting-and-firing systems, comes with significant risk.

Our vision is to cast a wide net in our studies, and initial COAs to learn about, understand and give thought to as much of the weapon class as is appropriate and feasible regardless of general categorization.  With the knowledge and perspective gained in the study process, we see a collaborative discussion to follow with the customer on choosing and possibly refining COAs.

For new software development our team uses the Agile/Scrum project management paradigm with Test Driven Development (TDD). TDD is best described as: develop the test case, write the code, test the code. Under this development paradigm, user and system requirements are broken down into small testable model components that are testable at the user and unit levels.

Studies supported include:

  • USMC
    • Long Range Fires Study
    • Loitering Munitions Study
    • Marksmanship Aimer Error Study
  • DHS – Customs & Border Patrol (CBP)
    • Range Capability Evaluations for CBP Southwest Region



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