Weapons Engineering & Systems Analysis

USMC – Range & Training Programs Division (RTPD)
Army – TRADOC Capabilities Management, Ranges (TCM-R)
Navy – Fleet Forces Command (FFC)
USAF – Air Combat Command ACC)
Foreign Military Sales (FMS)


Weapons systems training, when not operated correctly, can be deadly. They require complex and detailed training to be able to operate safely in a Live Fire environment. A Weapon Danger Zone (WDZ) for air-to-ground munitions, is required before a weapons system can be employed on a training range. A WDZ is determined through a series of complicated calculations involving launch parameters and weapon trajectory. Calculating the WDZ is the first step toward determining what type of training can be supported, as its size and shape will determine what weapons systems can be used on the training range.

Put simply, a WDZ is the entire area, comprised of both ground and airspace, which may be affected by the use of a weapons system. To determine this area, you’ll need to analyze delivery accuracy, ricochet, and failure behaviors of the weapon in use, drawing your information from the weapon’s impact or performance, manufacturing data, simulation labs, and end-product users.

Let us take care of that for you. Our technical personnel work with international Danger Zone experts, program offices, labs, and weapons manufacturers to precisely and accurately calculate WDZs. We take every detail into consideration, using all the data mentioned above to support the USMC, Navy, USAF, and FMS countries in WDZ development.

We perform Danger Zone Development for all types of weapons systems, including ground-to-ground, air-to-ground, precision guided munitions (PGMs) and lasers. Enlist our services to make training and defense easier for your division.



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